Murals on Olive in University City

“The point with public art, I think, is that it helps people form a sense that the place they live is unique, that there’s something special about it.”
-Andy Stewart

Vision: Olive Boulevard is an eclectic variety of industrial, commercial, and residential buildings, parks, public spaces, gardens, and cross streets. It is steeped in history and is a testament to the diversity of University City. To many, it is a destination for everything from quality childcare, a world-class community center, black-owned and immigrant-owned businesses including grocery stores, barber shops, restaurants, auto shops, and bookstores. To the proprietors of these businesses, it is where they make their living, where they’ve invested in their own dreams. Olive is also a place of opportunity. The streetscape of Olive can be a canvas for art celebrating the diversity that is one of University City’s defining features. The Olive Mural Project starts with this premise and seeks to enliven and beautify the biggest commercial corridor and a central public space in our City. Through public art, Olive will gain a new dimension found in arts districts around the world, including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, as well as here in St. Louis in The Grove, Cherokee Street, and others.

How You Can Help: Murals on Olive is a 501(c)(3) non-profit group, financially supported by the generosity of residents, local businesses, and organizations. To help our efforts with a donation of your own, you can use Paypal (choose ‘Murals on Olive’ from the ‘Use this donation for’ drop-down) or make out a check payable to SHED, and send it to

P.O. Box 300414
University City, MO 63130
ATTN: Murals on Olive

Questions? Contact us at!

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